Been Away

I apologize for being MIA these last couple weeks. With the final weeks counting down til Little One #3 arrives, everything has been hitting me all at once.

Been Away

More doctor appointments. Last minute changes to where I want to have baby (chose a stand alone birthing center instead of a hospital… and it’s 40 minutes away without traffic in the cities). Deciding that this hectic time is a great time to start potty training my son (and failing). Nesting mode is in full force so I want EVERYTHING cleaned NOW, yet getting overwhelmed by how many times I need dishes to be washed in the same day and laundry cleaned and put away when I just want to work on other projects. Clean out our garage, but the weather isn’t on our side. Attempting to make a little nursery in my room and making space saving things. And on top of it all I am freaking out over funds when I’m not working during maternity leave, so I decide to pick up more shifts at work.

Yes, it has been very busy for me and there is still so much to do. I feel like I got a lot done on my list, yet at the same time I feel like nothing has been accomplished.

In a couple weeks I have to add “making extra meals” to my list, so dinners can be taken care of during the first weeks baby boy is here. Shoot me now.

But, I thank you for staying with me and my inconsistent posting. I promise it will get better.

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