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Let It Out Thursday – A Week Is Missing

I know, I know. I missed last week. With Easter weekend and getting my husband ready for his guy’s weekend, I had ran out of time. So, now I am playing catch – up.

This week has been pretty brutal in terms of the pregnancy. What a way to start off my third trimester. I ended up not going to my physical therapy appointment because I was in so much pain. The past few nights I guess I have been sleeping better in the sense that I haven’t been tossing around throughout the night. But then that leads to very painful, burning hips in the morning. Apparently, staying in one spot all night isn’t helpful. I also felt a very strong painful crack in my hip/tailbone area. I let out a very strange squeal that made my husband laugh.

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The First Of Many

This is my first post on Let It Out Thursday, so bear with me if this ends up scattered and all over the place.

This Thread is where I’ll most likely be writing out what’s been going on with me in the last week. Silly shenanigans, kiddos, blah work stuff, hubby stories and so on. A perfect look through the window (you snoopers) into my life.

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