Confessions Of A School Bus Driver – Charters

ConfessionsofaSchoolBusDriver - charters

Hey! I’m actually writing this post while on a charter!

What is a charter? Kids like to call them field trips. These can also be softball games (like this one I’m on now) where I take the team to the place they play the game.

Charters are a good way to make extra money in the week aside from your regular daily school route. If it fits in your schedule, and have the time, signing up for charters is a good idea.

Confessions of a school bus driver - charters

Reason I love doing charters aside from extra income is it gives you the chance to work outside the monotony of your daily routine. Charters go anywhere. Most charters go from school to school.

But then there are other trips that go to places such as restaurants, science museums, the zoo, parks, places you’ve never heard of before that were in your area. And the cool thing about these trips are if you want you can go in and enjoy seeing the animals at the zoo or sit down and eat (most likely on your dollar, though). There are some groups that are nice enough to ask you to join them.

Confessions of a school bus driver - charters

At my location there has been many trips to go see the Twins baseball game. Nothing like seeing your home team play a game while getting paid for it. (Yes, you’ll have to pay for your ticket).

And yes, your read that right. You get paid for these events. Whether you want to stay with the bus or peruse the place of interest, you’ll be compensated. I consider this a good trade for not having your family or friends joining in on the fun.

Another charter type are wedding shuttles. These are typically when the reception is over and you need to take the wedding party back to their hotel. These can be quite interesting. Most likely your guests are going to be inebriated and will ask you the silliest of things, such as if they could drive the bus. No, no you can’t. But aside from them being rowdy and obnoxious, more than likely you’ll get a good tip.

So, I still have half an hour until the team comes back to the bus. I can just sit here on my phone, or go in and watch them play. And get paid for it. So, why aren’t you a school bus driver, yet?

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