Confessions Of A School Bus Driver – School Year

ConfessionsofaSchoolBusDriver - school year

I think one of the greatest things about being a school bus driver is working alongside with schools. That means being on their schedule. This includes you not having to work weekends, and even better, holidays.

Most holidays schools take off, so being with family is easy to achieve during things such as  Christmas or Thanksgiving. You get to be in on the festivities without work interfering.

Schools also have their own breaks, such as trimester transitions, teacher workshop days, spring break, and winter break. I consider the longer breaks my vacations without having to ask for them off.

You even get summer off! Heck yeah! Enjoy that weather! You can take summer routes if available, though.

Of course, most of these holidays and days off aren’t paid. A con to all the pros. So This in mind, planning your income to cover those long “vacation times” is best. And for the summer months, you can’t claim unemployment because you are considered guaranteed a job in the fall.

Personally, I like to have off all the days my kids do. That way I can spend more time with them and not to worry who’s going to be watch them when I am working (if I’m not taking them with me, of course).

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