How I’m Surviving The Last Couple Weeks Of Pregnancy

Those final days of pregnancy can make a woman go crazy! You’re so bloated and huge you could pop. Sleep is almost non-existent because of how uncomfortable you are. The frequent bathroom breaks are enough to consider camping out in your bathroom. You don’t dare eat too much in fear of even more discomfort. The heartburn is unbearable.

How I'm Surviving The Last Couple Weeks Of Pregnancy

You’ll start researching natural ways of inducing labor, just to finally have relief. Of course some of these could work, but most of them won’t. In the end, baby is coming when it wants to. So doing this can just make you even more out of your mind. I know it has for me!

How I'm Surviving The Last Couple Weeks Of Pregnancy

Here is a list of things I’ve been doing that I consider keeping my sanity in check. I hope at least some of these can help you out, too!

  • Keep Up On The House Work

I already have 2 boys under the age of 5, and boy do they love to destroy the place. Knowing that when the baby comes, keeping up with them and chores is going to be extremely challenging. Why make it harder on myself and slow down before he’s here? I absolutely hate cleaning, especially overwhelming big messes, so upkeep makes it much more tolerable. Such as, whenever I use a dish I immediately wash it, I can’t stand a sink full of dirty dishes. I have laundry washed, folded and put away every weekend. Before bedtime, bedrooms are picked up, toys are put away, and anything in the living room is picked up. These things sound like commonsense, but I’ve been there when we didn’t do these tasks and it made cleaning more unbearable and deep cleaning almost impossible.

  • Keep Your Hobbies

Hobbies can really take your mind off things and put you at ease. Majority of my pregnancy I’ve dropped my hobbies because I fell into a funk and wasn’t feeling up to doing them. Now, I’ve picked them back up to give me something to do instead of thinking about labor all the time.

  • Do Some DIY Projects

There is a vast amount of projects you can do yourself. Kills time and you’ll end up with some pretty neat things. I made wall art for my nursery and even did my own maternity pictures. I am currently making something else for purchase soon. Get creative!

How I'm Surviving The Last Couple Weeks Of Pregnancy - DIY Projects

  • Put In More Time With Your Family

This is important. Family should always be a top priority, but especially now since pretty soon your family dynamic is about to change. Take some time to let each other know you all still matter. These last couple weeks we’ve been going swimming, either at the pool or beach. We’ve been going on walks, watching movies, going to festivals and parades. Make the most of your time with family.

  • Be Sure Your To-Do List Is Done (Or Almost Done)

Is your labor bag packed? Have a baby sitter for your kids and their bags ready to go? Is the nursery how you want it? Don’t forget to put gas in the car! Getting the things on your list before labor hits will make it a lot less frustrating. I find myself checking things off, but then adding onto it, which is okay because it keeps giving me something to do instead of sitting around twiddling my thumbs.

  • Meal Prep

Let’s make it easier on you and your partner. And this gives you something to do in the final days/weeks. Meal prepping will make it easier for you during your first weeks home with your bundle of joy. Let’s face it, you’re going to be one tired momma and the last thing you’ll want to do is think about making dinner. There are so many freezer dump crock pot recipes on Pinterest you won’t have to worry about eating the same thing over and over again. It’s easy, simply prep the ingredients together and put them in a gallon freezer bag, label the meal and directions on how to make them and stick in your freezer. Once time comes to make the meal, just thaw it out and throw it into the crock pot. I made at least 10 meals and plan to make more.

How I'm Surviving The Last Couple Weeks Of Pregnancy - Meal Prep

You can even make foods to freeze ahead like breakfast burritos, or pancakes, or make soups and freeze it. Even cookies can be saved for later. Can’t forget about breakfast, lunch and snacks! I got plenty of protein cookies in stock.

  • Sleep

Get as much rest as you can. You know it’s going to be hard to when baby is here, so don’t rob yourself of Z’s now. For some reason I find myself sleeping better during a nap than at night. I get so uncomfortable at night. What helps me find some comfort is to use my entire comforter as a sort of body pillow. You could also just get a body pillow, too. I then use a small pillow between my calves and hug another pillow. All of this is in effort to keep my body open and aligned. Helps immensely!

How I'm Surviving The Last Couple Weeks Of Pregnancy - Sleep

And there you have it! These are what I do to keep myself from thinking about labor. Just keep busy! I’m sure I’m missing something but this is a good start!

What are some things that are keeping your mind off labor, or helped you when you were pregnant?

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  1. Yes! All of these things are great ideas! I did most but so wish I would have meal prepped. I thought about it but never actually did it. Once she was born and having three under two and I had a csection cooking was the last thing on my mind.

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