Made It Another Week – Let It Out Thursday

Woohoo, girls and guys! We are still around for another week! And to top it off, the school district I work for starts their Spring Break tomorrow, so I’m off until 2 Mondays from now. Mini vacay for me! (But also no income coming in, bummer.)

To start off, I pretty much did absolutely nothing on Saturday due to me not feeling well. This pregnancy has given me way too many ups and downs that even the most ecstatic roller coaster enthusiast wouldn’t want to go for a ride. Funny thing, though, I began to have an urge to eat everything in the house. And surprisingly, after 2 packages of ramen, 9 pizza rolls, a 2 sliced peanut butter and honey sandwich, a can of diet coke and a large glass of apple juice I began to feel better. Any other time I’d probably throw up after eating all of this. Gotta love pregnancy.

Sunday was much more enjoyable. Visited my mother-in-law and played some games of bar bingo (of course I didn’t win). The boys doing their usual of bugging grandma while she’s at work. My husband earlier in the day said my hair was taking shape similar to a mullet, so that made me self-conscious. Time for a hair cut! Oh yes, it definitely looks better now!


(Don’t mind the filter, only picture I got with the new do)

And can’t finish the weekend off without visiting my friend and go swimming in the pool. Unfortunately, my husband was bummed the hot tub was out of order, and of course a huge family gathering was happening in the party room and half the guests decided to also go swimming (which isn’t allowed, but whatever). Other mishaps of the pool hour, my youngest son being too daring ventured past the pool steps, nearly drowning until I swooped him up out of the water, and also finding out after we got out of the pool that one of the party guests pooped in the pool. Yippee..

Monday I had my 3rd ultrasound in about a month’s span. This baby is stubborn when it comes to the pictures the doctor’s need. But they finally got them! I had to bring my 2 boys for this one, so it was a cute moment they got to see their new baby brother for the first time. It would have went smoother if they sat their tushes down longer than 15 seconds.

Work was regular work Monday through Thursday, with the exception of a parent getting on my nerves. That is left for a different rant. Also, I am so done with winter, I just can’t stand the cold mornings anymore. I don’t like bundling up because my bus doesn’t get warm until a half hour into my route, only for me to start shedding off layers because the bus is a sauna an hour later. There is literally no in-between.

Oh, yeah! I finally had a physical therapy appointment! Apparently my pelvis is in alignment, I just need stability in my pelvis and tailbone region. So the therapist gave me a new support belt that seems to be helping a bit, and some exercises to do at home. Here’s to hoping it all works out and I can finally go grocery shopping without the urge to cry afterwards!

Share your stories you’ve had in the last week. Every one of them are meaningful, so don’t be afraid to share! Thanks for reading!

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