Making Room For Baby In A Small Apartment

When Considering adding a baby to your family, whether it be your first or third (like me), a few conditions come to mind about the changes needed to be made to include the new bundle of joy. The basics would be the cost, changes in routine, how much your sanity can handle, and another one being .. space.

Making Room For Baby In A Small Apartment


Some families already have the space in their current home. Some families can afford upgrading to a bigger home. Or there’s families, such as mine, that live in a home perfect for their current sized family but either can’t move into a bigger home yet or don’t want to for various reasons.

I live in a VERY small two bedroom apartment. I can’t recall the square footage, but trust me when I say it’s tiny. I gave my two boys the bigger room of the two, since they would spend much more time in their room with all of their toys. Our king-sized bed takes up most of our bedroom. But our apartment has its perks. It is a good reasonable price. It comes with a garage and the parking is nice. And I live only a couple blocks from work. Hard to pass that up.

And from being close to work, we decided not to move until at least after the baby is born. I’ll be out of work for 3 months and we didn’t want a financial burden of moving with increased rent while trying to bond with baby. Whatever the reason, it is totally okay to stay in a smaller space.

Don’t get me wrong, when we made the decision to not move before baby comes, I began to panic. Where was I going to put him? But after many late nights looking at DIY projects and brainstorming with my grandmother, It is safe to say it is completely doable!

So, the following is what I have done in my tiny apartment to fit baby.

  • Bassinet Instead of a Crib

Making Room For Baby In A Small Apartment

My first two boys I passed up the bassinet and went straight to the crib. But this time, a bassinet is much more ideal for my tiny room. It fits perfectly between my bed and the wall, making it very easy for me to grab him out of there in those middle of the night feedings. My bassinet also features a little cubby area below where I can store more baby things. Score!

Now, I know baby can’t stay in the bassinet forever, but the first few months it works. By the time he’s bigger, hopefully we are in our new place. Or there are even options of having a smaller sized crib made for smaller places, such as mine.

  • Think Vertically

Making Room For Baby In A Small Apartment

When It comes to floor space, there’s just not much to work with in small areas. But you still have all that wall space to be creative with. Use it to your advantage. In my case, some good Ol’ peg board and hanging hooks does the trick. By placing the peg board on the wall, you can hang wire baskets on the hooks and whatever else you need to hang right up there. Gives you more storage areas to place things such as diapers, lotions and creams, toys, burp cloths, etc. I thank my grandma for setting this one up!

  • Makeshift dresser

Making Room For Baby In A Small Apartment

This one could be a hit or miss for people. Some people can just go for a small dresser, which is fine. I decided to go with a three-drawer plastic storage organizer as the dresser. It is perfectly narrow for the little space I have. It fits all the clothes I need for baby boy.

  • Ladder Hanger

Okay, when I stumbled upon this idea, I thought this would be the coolest thing. My closet is stuffed with mine and my husband’s clothes, so there isn’t any more room to put baby clothes. And my boys room is full as well. But, we conveniently have a little space behind our door that can fit a ladder like clothes hanger. It’s out of the way, convenient, and space-saving! (I am still in the process of making this.)

  • Lighting

Making Room For A Baby In A Small Apartment

I have very little table top space, so getting an extra lamp for soft lighting so I wouldn’t disturb my husband when feeding baby at night was out of the question. That is why I went with string lighting  up on the ceiling, instead. It’s out of the way, and surprisingly gives off lots of light to see well, while not being obnoxiously bright.

  • Use A Tiny Book Shelf For Storage

Making Room For Baby In A Small Apartment

Gotta say, Thrift stores are your friend when you are on a budget and looking for ideas. I came across a little white bookshelf without even looking for one the other day. I thought it would be perfect to be put in our room and to keep baby things. So far I just put diapers in there, I have yet to put more items away in there. (I have a ton more diapers than what I can do with! I think that’s a good thing, though!)

With the bookshelf, getting little storage baskets are a good way to keep organized. Going through all my stuff I didn’t realize I had so many of them.

  • Again, Think Vertically

Making Room For A Baby In A Small Apartment

I can’t stress enough how using wall space is beneficial. Even the space behind your door works for you! I never considered buying one of those storage holders that hook over your door until I needed to work with the space that I got for this baby. So, again going to the thrift store I found one of those door cubby things (whatever they’re called) and began putting it to good use.


There are a few other things I still need to put together, such as a snack bar and essentials so I don’t have to really leave my room during those first couple weeks when baby G is here.

After all this change, I think it is safe to say I actually have more storage than I need to use, but I’ll take that over the chaos of not having anywhere to put things. Being prepared space-wise for baby is very comforting.

2 thoughts on “Making Room For Baby In A Small Apartment

  1. Great ideas! I love the “think vertical!” I wish we would’ve done more of that. Rebekah had her own room, but still during the first three months, it felt like our room was her nursery. We hardly stepped foot in her “nursery”. It is hard with limited space, but I admire your positive attitude and problem solving!

    1. Thank you!

      I would love to have a nursery, but with all my kids I had them in my room. More convenient, but still gets your room a bit cluttered. Gotta work with what you got. 🙂

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