My Son’s Middle Name Should Have Been “The Destroyer”

My soon to be middle child seems to break anything he touches. If he had powers, things would just disintegrate upon his touch. Nothing is safe in this little guys hands.

My Son's Middle Name Should Have Been "The Destroyer"

At first, it was passed off as his fine motor skills aren’t perfect yet, or he didn’t know his own strength, or just purely because of his age that he didn’t know any better. But, as he’s getting older we are finding out the hard way nothing has changed with his destruction.

A couple occurrences that I remember is my husband’s glasses and one of our Wii U games. The glasses happened a year ago. It took forever to get this prescription, with the prescribing itself, to getting them to find out they got the prescription wrong and had to wait even longer. Once my husband got them, he was very pleased he can see better.

My husband only had his glasses for two weeks before they ended up in my son’s destructor-fingers. Granted, my husband still has a problem understanding “keep things out of reach of children,” so not all this was my son’s fault. But, regardless, Francis grabbed those glasses and… snap. There goes the glasses. Needless to say, my husband still hasn’t gotten them replaced.

With the Wii U game, it was much more recent. He’s much older now than he was with the glasses and knows not to play in the entertainment center. But I guess the temptation urges get the better of him.

I was changing out of my pj’s that morning, so he was out in the living room alone for a few minutes. A few minutes was all he needed. Within those minutes he ripped into the shelves in the entertainment center where we keep our movies, games, consoles and extra cords. He went through the DVD’s and games, opening some up and leaving them all over the floor. I suspected he was getting into something, because silence is never a good sign with a toddler. I found the mess with him in the middle. I reminded him he’s not to go in the entertainment center. As I was picking up his mess, I found our Mario Kart 8 game almost snapped in half. Well, there goes like $60. It was even a game the kid’s loved to play, too. So, I had to Snapchat a picture to my husband and show him the damage. He wasn’t too thrilled.

These are only 2 examples of my little boy’s wrath. There are many, many toys broken from him because him (and help from his brother) play a little rough with their toys. Nothing is safe. Especially glasses, sunglasses, and games.

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  1. Wow…that is tough. Kids can do some things that will make you crazy and other things that will make you so proud.

    Keep up the good work here and live unstoppable!

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