Potty Training Can Make A Grown Woman Cry

My youngest (but not for long) is just over 3 years old. He is very smart (I know many parents say that about their own kids, but it’s true). But he can be a stubborn ass.

Potty Training Can Make A Grown Woman Cry

There has been a few times now we attempted potty training with him. With our first son, we had a few struggles, but he got it down pretty quick. Francis (our youngest) on the other hand, seems to be testing how far my patience will go.

The things that is most frustrating about this is he knows exactly what to do, he just doesn’t purely because he doesn’t want to. He is that type of boy who will take his diaper off and pee on the floor right in front of you and laugh about it. *eye twitching*

So, fast forward to current time. I really, really want him out of diapers before baby boy #3 arrives. It’ll make it easier (and cheaper) on Mommy and Daddy.

Francis was letting me know he had to go pee and wanted to use the potty. Awesome! I figured since he initiated the use of the potty it was a good time to start. So, I went out and got him new underwear. I got him his favorite, Spiderman. I told him how much of a big boy and soon to be big brother he was. I talked with him on when to tell us he needs to use the potty, as well as telling him underwear was not used to pee or poop in.

The first day he did amazing! No Accidents. We put him on the potty every 15 to 20 minutes and he would go. He even told us when he had to go and then used the potty. I was worried about nap time since it was a long period of time without using the potty. But, to my surprise he didn’t wet himself, then used the potty when he got up. He even made it 3 hours on the school bus with no accidents!

Potty Training Can Make A Grown Woman Cry

And on top of it all, he told us he needed to poop and pooped in the potty! This. Child. Is. Rocking It!

Well… It was short lived when the next day came. We did nothing different. But the outcomes were sure different. Accident during nap time, lunch time, during a 2 hour school bus ride, and even pooped in his undies. I wanted to cry. In between accidents he would still use the potty. I just don’t know why he would be stellar one day and not so much the next. Regardless of the accidents, we still praised him for when he did use the potty.

Needless to say, we are going to keep going and hopefully he’ll be using the potty exclusively. Until then, I’m going to keep wishing I could have a bottle of wine.

Potty Training Can Make A Grown Woman Cry

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