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To My Two Older Boys: Patience Is Going To Get Us Through This

I know you two are excited to meet your baby brother, but this will bring on many new things. Mommy will be needing your help, and the biggest help you can give Mommy is patience.

To My Two Older Boys: Patience Is going to get us through this

Mommy is going to be up at all hours of the night feeding and changing your baby brother’s diapers. She’ll be tired and possibly forgetful. Baby brother is going to demand most of her time. Mommy will be in pain and healing after having baby brother. Mommy may not always be able to play with you, and this saddens me.

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My Son’s Middle Name Should Have Been “The Destroyer”

My soon to be middle child seems to break anything he touches. If he had powers, things would just disintegrate upon his touch. Nothing is safe in this little guys hands.

My Son's Middle Name Should Have Been "The Destroyer"

At first, it was passed off as his fine motor skills aren’t perfect yet, or he didn’t know his own strength, or just purely because of his age that he didn’t know any better. But, as he’s getting older we are finding out the hard way nothing has changed with his destruction.

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Potty Training Can Make A Grown Woman Cry

My youngest (but not for long) is just over 3 years old. He is very smart (I know many parents say that about their own kids, but it’s true). But he can be a stubborn ass.

Potty Training Can Make A Grown Woman Cry

There has been a few times now we attempted potty training with him. With our first son, we had a few struggles, but he got it down pretty quick. Francis (our youngest) on the other hand, seems to be testing how far my patience will go.

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Dreading the Results – 3 Hour Glucose Test

My third pregnancy. It’s been a struggle since the beginning. But I never thought I’d be sitting at the lab, awaiting for my finger to be poked every hour for 3 hours after drinking that nasty sugary solution, again. The 1 – hour was bad enough! My previous pregnancies passed the 1 – hour glucose with flying colors, and I was so certain it would be the same this time around.

Dreading The Results - 3 Hour Glucose Test

(Not the most flattering picture)

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Let It Out Thursday – A Week Is Missing

I know, I know. I missed last week. With Easter weekend and getting my husband ready for his guy’s weekend, I had ran out of time. So, now I am playing catch – up.

This week has been pretty brutal in terms of the pregnancy. What a way to start off my third trimester. I ended up not going to my physical therapy appointment because I was in so much pain. The past few nights I guess I have been sleeping better in the sense that I haven’t been tossing around throughout the night. But then that leads to very painful, burning hips in the morning. Apparently, staying in one spot all night isn’t helpful. I also felt a very strong painful crack in my hip/tailbone area. I let out a very strange squeal that made my husband laugh.

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I Am Not A Supermom


You read that title right. I am not one of those moms who seem to be able to do every single thing imaginable all at once while keeping her family AND herself together. Okay, maybe that’s throwing too much into one pot, but the point is I don’t see myself being like many of my friends who do have umpteen things and come on top of it all like a boss.

But when I least expect it, I am told I’m a supermom, too. And I can’t help but internally ask, why? Is it because my kids aren’t starving and have meat on their bones? That my youngest son has a clean diaper on? Or that my oldest son knows his numbers, shapes, letters and colors?

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Laundry Day

Alright, I don’t have a specific day of the week that I do laundry. It’s usually when I see that I have nothing to wear and the hamper is ridiculously full that I’ll decide to wash clothes. It doesn’t make it any easier when the machine in my building is coin operated. We don’t always have 12 quarters on hand for one full load. Continue reading Laundry Day