To My Two Older Boys: Patience Is Going To Get Us Through This

I know you two are excited to meet your baby brother, but this will bring on many new things. Mommy will be needing your help, and the biggest help you can give Mommy is patience.

To My Two Older Boys: Patience Is going to get us through this

Mommy is going to be up at all hours of the night feeding and changing your baby brother’s diapers. She’ll be tired and possibly forgetful. Baby brother is going to demand most of her time. Mommy will be in pain and healing after having baby brother. Mommy may not always be able to play with you, and this saddens me.

Now, this doesn’t mean Mommy is going to ignore you. This just means Mommy may need an extra minute or two to address your needs. This is where that special word patience comes in. By being patient we’ll all be satisfied. Mommy will always be here for you, you don’t ever have to worry about that.

Mommy will also express patience. I’ll learn to understand when you are upset. I’ll practice allowing you to calm down instead of me flying off the handle. I’ll keep in mind that this is all new to you two and you both need time to adjust, just like me and Daddy will. You won’t come last, I’ll love you all the same. I’ll help you when you struggle.

This is a new journey we’re all taking together. We’ll make it through and learn things together. We’ve all been lacking in patience lately. Probably because we know that a big change is near, and we’re anxious, yet nervous about it. Now is not the time to lose our control, but to come closer as a family and help each other. A bit of patience is what will make us, not break us.

To My Two Older Boys: Patience Is going to get us through this

To my boys, I love you and won’t forget about your needs. You are my 2 greatest helpers!

Love, Mommy.

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